Hanna Shebar

The only approval you need in life is your own.

Empowerment Confidence Acceptance

Love is the melody that turns the chaos of life into a symphony.

Life Love

Sometimes the destination is worth all the troubles you endure along the way.

Motivational Perseverance Rewards

Some storms come to your life to clear the path and make room for something better.


Even when the life's storms rage on you, don't let them dim your light.

Life Strength Positive

You have to let go of the past to make room for the future.

Movement Improvement

Some people come into our lives to show us that we deserve better.


Our darkest moments help us find the light within ourselves.

Inspiration Discovery

You make the world more beautiful by being part of it.

World Beauty

Our scars are proof that we can heal.

Transformation Overcoming Resilience

The past can't be changed, only accepted.

Change Acceptance

Stop searching for the right person. Focus on becoming one.

Reflection Empowerment Relationships

Stop beating yourself up for the past mistakes. You deserve your forgiveness.

Forgiveness Acceptance

It's ok to be not ready to move on. Healing takes time.

Movement Patience Acceptance

You've made mistakes in the past, you will probably make more in future, and that is okay.

Future Acceptance Mistakes

When you learn to be alone and not feel lonely, you learn to be free.

Empowerment Freedom Independence

Learn to choose your mental health over old attachments.